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About the event :

IEM Toastmasters Club is organizing a debate Competition named Make Your Statement on 18 th February , 2019.Toastmasters International is an organization that is leading in communication and leadership development since 1905 when the first unofficial toastmasters meeting was held. Toastmasters International has more than 357,000 memberships and 16,600 clubs in 143 countries that have established a global network all over the world. The Toastmasters Clubs offer a supportive and positive learning experience for all the members all over the world. The members develop communication and leadership skills that help them to build greater self- confidence. By delivering speeches regularly and obtaining feedback, the members get enabled in leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a professional atmosphere. Thus leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. IEM Toastmasters club is organizing Make Your Statement, a debate competition where you can showcase your ideas and conception regarding various everyday topics and curve out your own way of establishing your point of view. Thus you will be empowered to make your own statement.

  • In Make Your Statement, every team consisting not more than 4 members will be given a topic on which they will have to deliver their own point of view with substantial logics.
  • Each team will have two or three constructive speeches, and two to three rebuttal speeches. The affirmative team gives the first constructive speech, and the rebuttals alter, argue and negate the affirmative speeches. The affirmative has both the first and last speeches of the debate.
  • The affirmative must establish everything required by the topic itself. No revision of proposition of a team is permitted during the debate. The affirmative must reply to the negative arguments before the last rebuttal.
  • Freedom of speech will be there, but each participant should keep in mind that they do not violate any constitutional rule regarding Religion,class,creed,race and nationality.
  • No participant is allowed to behave vehemently. Code of conduct should be maintained during the competition.
  • Registration for this event is now open and it will be open till 13 th January, 2019. Registration fee for the event will be Rs.100.
  • After registration, withdrawal of candidature will not be entertained, the organizer’s decision will be final.
  • Participation for this event is open for all; students from all branches of Engineering and Management are welcome. Students from outside the college are also welcome.
  • After registration, withdrawal of candidature will not be entertained, the organizer’s decision will be final.
  • For more information regarding Toastmasters International, you can look up to the official website viz
  • For more information ,contact Prof. Riya Barui- Ph:9874721304.

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