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About the event :

IEM VOICES “Researchers’ Fair: Paper Presentation Competition” aims to provide an international platform for students to present their papers showcase their research ideas in front of judges. Students can present their paper both individually, and in groups (not more than 2-3 members), best papers will be selected for publication at the International Journal of English Learning and Teaching Skills, published by U.S. based publishing house SMART.

List of Topics (not restricted to):

  • English as 1st language Vs. English as 2nd language
  • Translation as a means of language development
  • Language learning Vs. Language acquisition
  • Importance of day-to-day communication in English
  • English as a subject of curriculum Vs. English as language
  • Technology assistance in learning English
  • English as a corporate language
  • Role of English in Engineering Curriculum


  • Participation for this event is open for all students and scholars.
  • Registration is open till 13 th January, 2019. Registration is free for IEM students.
  • After registration, withdrawal of candidature will not be entertained, the organizer’s decision will be final./li>
  • The paper should be written in the prescribed format and the word limit will not be exceeding 3000 words. The format can be downloaded with the help of the link given below. style_guide/documents/20090212013008_560.pdf
    Font 12 Times New Roman
    Line Spacing 1.5
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in case of writing a paper. If any paper is found to be plagiarized, both the candidature and the paper will be cancelled.
  • Students are instructed to submit their respective abstract at within 27 th January, 2019.

Awards & Publications

  • Top three papers will be selected for cash prizes from total awards worth Rs. 1,00,000
  • Best Paper will get a chance to get published at the international journal International Journal of English Learning and Teaching Skills (IJELTS) ISSN 2638-5546 published by U.S. based publishing house SMART. Click here to visit IJELTS website.

For more information Contact: Prof. Abhishikta Bhattacharjee (9062067644)


Registrations Are Now Open