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$150 for Winner, $100 for 1st runner up, $50 for 2nd runner up

Competition will start from 9am IST on 12 January 2019 & will continue till 9am IST on 14th January 2019

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About US


IOPACS is an online International Olympiad for Pure and Applied Chemical Sciences organised for the first time by the Chemistry wing of BSH Department of Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata in collaboration with the Society of Makers, Artists, Researchers and Technologists, (SMART), USA. University of Engineering & Management (UEM) along with the SMART society has been our joint sponsors using the online examination platform of Codechef.This Olympiad aims at evaluating the subject knowledge, instant application in allied field, developing technological skill-set and competitive attitude for the overall growth of science among tech-learners.Not only that this competiion is organised to put more emphasis on inter-discipline science and to inculcate the scientific mind set in the early orientation of the career.


  • Professor Kakoli Dutta
    Head Faculty Coordinator,IOPACS,IEM
  • Professor Pratap Mukerjee
    Faculty Coordinator,IOPACS,IEM
  • Agniva Chatterjee
    Web Developer and Graphics Designer
  • Aditya Pratyush
    Head Student Coordinator,IOPACS,IEM