About Us

The Smart Talk Society is a unique organization which has devoted itself completely in its passion to spread new ideas and knowledge in a global scale. We are putting our best foot forward to make sure that there is a transition and transformation in the way people think.
Hence, we are here to help and guide those aspiring young people and curve a better future for them with the help of some motivational and prominent speakers, who are eager to share their knowledge with others.
We are providing a platform that will help in the spreading of ideas. It is a place to share ideas in the form of short, innovative and inspirational talks.

Our Objective

  • We believe in spreading and sharing of ideas and knowledge, thus, making this world a better place where new ideas will lead the path in the future.

We are here to welcome people from every sphere, discipline, and culture. Especially, who are eager to spread and seek an in-depth understanding of the world. When you have a great story about how your product or service was built to change lives, we are providing the unique platform to share those stories.

Our Talks

There will be prominent speakers from every professional field. Like global leaders, innovators, academicians, and successful Entrepreneurs. It is an exciting opportunity for all of us, as we are already experiencing a time of remarkable changes and thrilling opportunities.

Sean Hinton

Smart Power Talks Canada

Bob Gill

Smart Power Talks Canada

Mandeep Panu

Smart Power Talks Canada

Winnie Lai-Fong

Smart Power Talks Canada

Carol Jaeger

Smart Power Talks Canada

Our Partners

SMART POWER TALKS are putting together the most eclectic team of motivational speakers, who will assist in providing all the necessary inputs and equip you through their leadership skills.


Institute of Engineering and Management, (IEM)


University of Engineering and Management, (UEM)


Lions Club, IEM


IEM Toastmasters Club

IEMTC offers a positive learning environment that allows our members to improve communication skills.


Smart Society

Smart Society is a non-profit organization.




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